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Council waives fees for storm season clean up

10 November, 2017

Council is throwing open its landfills and transfer stations on Saturday, November 25 and Sunday November 26 for residents to have a pre-storm season clean-up.

“As an added bonus this year, Council has dropped the fees for residents to dump tyres, mattresses and still gassed fridges, freezers and air-conditioners,” Disaster Management Portfolio Councillor Rolf Light said.

“Residents can dump up to six tyres (includes car, motorbike and 4x4); three mattresses and three still gassed items such as fridges, freezers or air conditioners as part of the clean-up weekend.

“Cleaning up around your home includes pruning trees as well as removing items that could be blown around.

“The wind in a storm or cyclone can break branches off trees and turn items laying around your yard, like old trampolines, sheets of iron and even old garden furniture, into missiles that can break windows, smash roofs or injure people.

“We’re encouraging residents to have a good spring clean.”

Fees and charges will still apply for commercial waste and regulated wastes such as materials containing asbestos.

“Please sort your load as you are packing it,” Cr Light said.

“By sorting your load you will cut the amount of time you need to unload and put items into the recycling bins, and some of the items may be suitable for the re-use and re-cycle shop.”

Residents can brush up on hints and tips on how to prepare for the storm and cyclone season by clicking here.

If want to stay up-to-date of what’s happening across the region during a storm or cyclone then follow the Council’s Disaster Co-ordination Centre Facebook page.