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Organisational Review and Development Plan

12 April 2017

Council will release an edited copy of the Organisational Review and Development Plan compiled by the CPEM group.

In late 2016, Council commissioned CPEM Consulting Group to investigate the effectiveness of workforce planning, employee development and engagement within Council to ensure the organisation was dynamic and responsive.

CPEM’S report was delivered to Council in late January, 2017. The report contains 49 recommendations which aim to maximise Council’s cultural and human capital.

While the report has been relayed to Council and staff, and steps to implement the recommendations have started, it was never the Council’s intention for the CPEM report to be the subject of public release.

However, in order to conclude inaccurate media reporting of the contents of the report, and to alleviate any residual concerns which the community may have about the reasoning behind the 49 recommendations, Council has decided to publicly release the report.

As a consequence of either legal advice, or in order to protect privacy, a limited number of redactions have been made to the report.  

The redacted report will be posted on Council’s website on the publications webpage once final approval has been received from Council’s lawyers.