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Fraser Coast Emergency Guide

It is important to remain vigilant and be prepared for emergency situations such as cyclones, severe storms, floods, that may occur in our region.

To assist you in preparing to counter such events, Council has prepared a Fraser Coast Emergency Guide (PDF, 2.2MB) with relevant information on how to stay informed and safe. 

We also encourage you to like Council's Fraser Coast Disaster Coordination Centre Facebook page to ensure you receive information and warnings during a disaster or emergency.

 VISIT THE Fraser Coast Disaster Coordination Centre Facebook page


Be prepared - Get ready


Contact information



  General information on disaster management planning.     Important emergency phone numbers.     Helpful hints and information to better understand cyclones.



Flood cameras



  Understand the different types of floods.     Keep an eye on flood levels.     Keep up to date during an emergency.



Information links



  Disaster management plans.     Disaster management related links.     What to do after a natural disaster.

Severe storm


Storm surges



  Helpful information on dealing with severe storms.     Stay safe in our coastal areas.     Helpful hints on heatwaves.



Lake Lenthall

  How to prepare for a tsunami.     Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for Lenthalls Dam.