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Hervey Bay Affordable Housing Incentive Grant Hervey Bay Affordable Housing Incentive Grant

Eligibility requirements

You may be eligible for the grant if you:

  • Are not a company or a person acting as a trustee
  • Have not already received a grant under this Scheme
  • The property has not been allocated a grant under this Scheme
  • The household income is within the Eligibility Criteria
  • The property is within the residential development project area
  • The relevant supporting documentation can be supplied

Each person and their spouse must be an applicant as eligibility is based on the Household's income.  All applicants must meet the eligibility criteria.

Residential Development Project Area

New land or new House and Land packages within the designated Residential Development Project Area in Hervey Bay are eligible for a grant under the Hervey Bay Housing Affordability Incentive Project (PDF,4.4MB).

The Map (PDF,531kB) is a guide to assist with determining whether the property is within the Project Area.

You can check the eligibility of the property on the map or by contacting Council.

Please contact the developers agent for further information.

Council provides the links to assist with identifying the properties currently available in the scheme.

Council does not endorse these companies or developments in favour of other developments in the region.

For further information view information sheet - Housing Affordability Grant - Destination Hervey Bay (PDF, 3.8MB)