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Handy tips Handy tips

Swap big for small

  • Don't overcrowd your plate
  • Eat slowly to give your stomach time to signal it's full
  • Think twice before going back for seconds
  • Share a dessert rather than have your own

Swap often for sometimes

  • Swap fried food for fresh
  • Swap fizzy drink for water
  • Swap take-away for home made
  • Eat less 'sometimes' food

Swap sitting for moving

  • Walk and deliver a message rather than email
  • Get off the bus one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way
  • Park the car further away and enjoy a short walk
  • Take the bike for short trips instead of the car

Swap watching for playing

  • Don't just watch sport - get out and get active!
  • Meet friends for a walk instead of coffee and cake
  • Get outdoors with the family - go to the park or for a ride
  • Swap a family movie for bowling