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Maryborough CBD

30 January 2013

Council is organising the clean-up of the Maryborough CBD.

“The first priority is to wash the mud and debris off the roadway to make it safe for owners to get in and clean their shops,” Fraser Coast mayor Gerard O’Connell said.

“We’re trying to stage the clean-up and access to allow business in as soon as the mud can be washed away.

“We’d ask people to stay out of the CBD until it is safe. It is very slippery and we do not want people to injure themselves.

“Also, having people in the way of the bob cats and water trucks will slow down the clean-up effort.”

Police and Council will allow access to owners and their volunteers as it is progressively made safe.

The clean-up is starting at Lennox Street in front of the Police Station and Adelaide Street.

“Crews will move into Tinana as soon as we can get over Schultz Bridge on Gympie Road.”

Queensland Health Fact Sheets on how to stay safe during the clean-up (Preventing Harm From Floodwater)are on available on the home page.

Cleaning up after a flood
If your house has been flooded, wear gloves and covered shoes when cleaning up, and treat any cuts immediately with antiseptic. Apply a protective dressing to the wound and see a doctor if injuries are serious.

After cleaning silt and debris from floors and other surfaces, disinfect the surfaces with household bleach or disinfectant.

Clean and disinfect refrigerators and food storage cupboards thoroughly.

Be sure to thoroughly clean, using hot water and detergent, any cooking and eating utensils that may have come into contact with flood water. Do not eat food which has been in contact with flood water.

Avoid unnecessary contact with mud and dirt, especially when you are cleaning up.

Always wash your hands with soap and water before handling food, and after handling pets that may have swum in contaminated water.

Wear insect repellent and other necessary personal protection against mosquitoes.

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