Declared pest animals Declared pest animals

The following feral animals are Class 2 pests and all landowners have a legal obligation to control these pests on their lands.

Pest Impact Control method
Wild dogs Kill and harass sheep, cattle, native wildlife and domestic pets Shooting, trapping
Feral pigs Damage pastures by grazing and rooting, spread weeds and prey on lambs Shooting
Foxes Threat to many ground-dwelling native animals, lambs and goat kids Shooting, trapping
Feral cats Prey on native animals and disrupt ecosystems Trapping
Deer Damage agricultural crops, hazardous to the public on roads Shooting,
Rabbits Primary cause of soil erosion Shooting, trapping, bio-control, fumigation, habitat modification

Common (Indian) Myna bird survey 

As part of a preventative approach to addressing the Common (or Indian) Myna bird, Council is looking to collect sighting and activity reports within the region.

These will be mapped to show the distribution of the pest birds, where "hot spots" exist and to identify possible nesting and roosting sites.

Bounty claims

Council has introduced a bounty claim system (PDF,139kB) as an incentive to help reduce the impacts from feral pigs and wild dogs / dingoes / dingo hybrids.

All bounty claims must be taken to the Maryborough Landfill on Saltwater Creek Road, Maryborough.

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