Declared pest plants Declared pest plants

There are a number of state declared plant pests know to be in existence in the Fraser Coast Region. 

Under Council's local law declared pests, seven pest plants for the Fraser Coast Region and a further seven pest plants for Fraser Island have been identified.

Restrictions can vary on importation, possession, sales and control requirements can also apply if the plants impact or have the potential to impact on a nearby 'environmentally significant area' (eg a national park or Fraser Island).

The Queensland Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002 imposes a legal responsibility for landowners to control declared pests on land under their management and it is an offence to not comply with the conditions of each classified pest.

Declared plants are divided into four categories:

  • Class 1 pests - have the potential to become a serious pest in Queensland.  All landholders are required by law to keep their land free of Class 1 pests.
  • Class 2 pests - have already spread over substantial areas of Queensland, but their impact is so serious that they need to be controlled to avoid further spread onto properties that are still free from the pest.  Landholders by law must try to keep their land free of Class 2 pests.
  • Class 3 pests - are commonly established in parts of Queensland but control by landowners is not necessary unless the plant is impacting or has the potential to impact on a nearby 'environmentally significant area'.  It is an offence to sell or release a Class 3 pest.
  • Local law declared pests - have a serious impact on primary production through contamination, especially in the wool industry.  They are poisonous to stock, compete for pastures and can cause injury to grazing animals.

Fact Sheets

Pest plant - Grader Grass (PDF,590kB)
Pest plant -  Live Leaf Mother of Millions (PDF,620kB)
Pest plant on Fraser Island - Sisal Hemp (PDF,590kB)
Pest plant - Star Burr (PDF,580kB)
Pest plant - Thorn Apples (PDF,566kB)
Pest plant - Glory Lily (PDF,215kB)
Pest plant - Easter Cassia (PDF,215kB)

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