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Preparing & lodging applications Preparing & lodging applications

When preparing a development application it must meet the requirements of the Planning Act 2016 to be considered properly made.
The application must be:
  • made to the assessment manager on the approved DA Forms or in some cases, relevant Council forms;
  • accompanied by supporting information as stated on the relevant forms as mandatory information​;
  • lodged with the appropriate fees; and
  • accompanied (where required) by the consent of the owner/s of the land.

Application by email

Development applications can be lodged to Council electronically at  

Applicants can also choose to correspond electronically after lodgement.  

Lodge electronically

Lodge in person or by post

Two copies of all documentation is required for hard copy applications.

You can lodge your development application with the applicable fee in person or by post.

Fees and charges

Council's current list of fees and charges are available by clicking here 

Development assessment process

When a development application is lodged with Council the assessment process follows the Integrated Development Assessment System (IDAS) under the Planning Act 2016.
The process consists of five stages, click on one of the below for further information:

Code and impact assessable applications

Code A code development application is assessed against the relevant codes identified in the Planning Scheme. This type of application can be assessed relatively quickly and does not require public notification.
Impact An impact assessable development application is for development that must be assessed against the whole Planning Scheme to the extent relevant.  These applications must be publicly notified.

Code Response templates

When submitting a development application to Council, an applicant is required to include a response to the relevant Planning Scheme code(s).

To assist with the preparation of a response to the relevant code(s), Council has prepared Planning Scheme code response templates for applicants to use. Click to view templates.

Contact us

Contact Council's Development and Planning Department on 1300 79 49 29 for further assistance.