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IMPORTANTPlease note that all tenders must now be submitted to Council's electronic tender box - the tender will be receipted at the time it arrives in Council's electronic tender box.

Electronic submissions can be no more than 30MB. If your email exceeds this size limit you will need to submit multiple emails all clearly marked “Email 1 of 3, 2 of 3” or alternatively a disk/USB containing the additional information, clearly marked with the tender details can be sent to 77 Tavistock Street, Torquay.

Council does not conduct public openings.  Once the successful tender has been awarded, the Tender Summary Form will be uploaded to Councils website for public viewing.

The lowest or any offer will not necessarily be accepted.

Council reserves the right to invite all tenderers to change their tender should Council decide to change the specification.

The Tender process will be conducted in accordance with the Local Government Act 2009.


For a full list of closed tenders, quotes, tender summary forms and register of contracts click below.

closed tenders & summary forms

Register of contracts 

WBW157-16/17 - River Heads Road - Trunk water main - Supply of pipes and fittings - Closes 23 March

Tenders are invited from manufacturers and/or suppliers to supply pipes, valves and fittings for a new trunk water main for River Heads Road, River Heads, Queensland, 4655.

WBW152-16/17 - Four Mile Plantation Irrigation Pump Station - Closes 16 March

Tenders are invited for the supply, installation and commissioning of an effluent irrigation pump station including all pipework, electrical equipment, pumps and structures at Four Mile Plantation, Maryborough.

WBW155-16/17 - Wetside Waterpark - Design and construction of waterslides - Closes 2 March

Tenders are invited to design and construct two waterslides in the WetSide Waterpark at the Corner of the Esplanade and Main Street, Hervey Bay QLD.