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Council grant delivers new watering system for croquet club

7 August, 2018

Point Lookout Croquet Club members are smiling – their greens are getting greener as their water usage gets smaller, and it’s all thanks to a Fraser Coast Regional Council grant of $3000. 

Events and Recreation Councillor Darren Everard said the Maryborough club was allocated the money through Council’s Community Grants Program (Projects) to upgrade its irrigation system. 

“The work was carried out in June and club members are delighted with the result,” Cr Everard said. 

Point Lookout Croquet Club secretary Wayne Lusk said club members were “extremely grateful” to Council for the grant, which paid $3000 towards the total cost of $3847. 

“There are a lot of smiles on many faces, especially our grounds committee members,” Mr Lusk said.  

“The grant has been a really big help to us. It’s hard for small clubs to raise that sort of money.

“Now we’re able to target different areas of our lawns and do it with the minimum amount of water. 

“Our old irrigation system had been in the ground about 30 years. When it was put in, it was done to a budget and added to over the years. 

“The first problem was we couldn’t water some areas unless we watered others at the same time, which meant water was being wasted.  

“Also the sprinkler heads had lost their capacity over the years and needed resetting. Spray from the new sprinkler heads now cover the whole ground evenly. 

“The biggest cost was in separating and re-wiring the controllers. Now, one set controls Lawns 1 & 2 and the other set controls Lawns 3 and 4. 

For information on Council’s Community Grants Program (Projects) and other available grants.