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Council Pays Tribute to Outstanding Employees at Inaugural TRAITS Awards

9 July, 2018

Long-service recipients and key flagbearers for Council's innovative values system were recognised at the inaugural TRAITS Awards in Maryborough on Friday night.

Long-service recipients and key flagbearers for Council’s innovative values system were recognised at the inaugural TRAITS Awards in Maryborough on Friday night.
More than 200 Council employees and partners gathered at the Brolga Theatre in a revamped format.
The evening was designed to reflect on Council’s core TRAITS values – Trust, Respect, Accountability, Initiative, Teamwork and Service.
Mayor, George Seymour and FCRC Chief Executive Ken Diehm addressed the audience and presented awards to teams and individuals who were chosen for outstanding performances, following nominations from Council staff.
“This is a significant step forward for Council and I think it is important that we recognise the important contribution our employees make to building a better Fraser Coast region,” Mr Diehm said.
“I think we can also see from the number of nominations that were submitted by staff how much we all value each other’s work and commitment to excellence and going above and beyond. It is something we can all be extremely proud of.” 
“I’d also like to extend my congratulations to our long-service award recipients and thank you all for your service and commitment to the Fraser Coast.”
Congratulations to the following Award Recipients:
Organisational Services
TEAM: Kent St Project Team
INDIVIDUAL: Caleb Wickham
Development and Community
TEAM: Maryborough Aquatic Centre
INDIVIDUAL: Danielle Marshall
Infrastructure Services
TEAM: Concrete and Drainage Team (Southern)
INDIVIDUAL: Bryan Peterson
Wide Bay Water and Waste Services
TEAM: Hervey Bay Water and Wastewater Network Team
INDIVIDUAL: Shane Reilly
40 years of Service
Ian Jacobson
Karen Lynch
Neville Ransome
Stephen Hinks
Tony Arthur
30 years of Service
Alison Coleman
David Hardman
Fiona Gear
Glenn Pedersen
Michael White
25 years of Service
Alicia Murdoch
Marlene Dennis
Brenda Coase
Megan Kernke
Brian Dalton
Michael Wessling
Christine Pegg
Michelle Sturgiss-Love
Denis Heron
Neil Pegg
Gavin Arthur
Nigel Scriven
Graham Edwards
Patrick Mooney
Grant Staunton
Paul Palecko
Janet Campbell
Peter Hayden
Jason Wieden
Phillip Raymond
Jenny Winton
Richard Jacobi
Kevin Reilly
Ron Kimmel
Kevin Radunz
Ross Sendall
Linc Grimley
Susan Rogers
Mark Pavey
Tracey Genrich
20 years of Service
Belinda Shipp
Kamala Dunn
Bryan Hart
Lynn Crase
Carmel Murdoch
Naomi Dunning
David Behrendorff
Peter Dart
Deborah Kruske
Rachael Paton
Frances Gala
Susann Seward
Glenn Rae
Terry Vollmerhausen
Jay Staines
Wayne James
10 years of service
Alan Jackson
Anita Dale
Barry Richmond
Belinda Boyle
Caleb Ryan
Carol Cooper
Carol McKeough
Caroline Lynch
Chris Mylonas
Damon Fazio
Darren Smith
David Scott
Desmond Pierce
Dion Anderson
Geoffrey McDonald
Gregory Staib
Gregory Jenkins
Jarl Olsen
Jason Smith
Joel Blayney
Julia Hardy
Kevin Lyons
Kevin Shellard
Lee Gordes
Leon Johnson
Lynn Bray
Marcus Bishop
Mark Shelton
Matthew Braban
Mel Cherry
Michael Stroud
Michelle Bensein
Mitch Kinter
Neale Glanfield
Neil Mayfield
Neisha Lethborg
Niomi Gilby
Paul Brady
Paul Orr
Paul Rice
Peter Dean
Riley Roos
Robert Hare
Scott Hopkins
Sharna Lack
Stephen Royds
Stephen Pomfret
Steven Cook
Sue-Ellen Hales
Tony Harding
Tracey Panton
Trevor Spohr
Trica Ridge