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Council to use drones to improve its operations

13 May 2019
The Fraser Coast Regional Council has engaged a ‘Chief Pilot’ to help embed drone technology in its day to day operations.
CEO Ken Diehm said Wide Bay firm TECKnology Indigenous Corporation would work with Council over the next three months to provide operational support and policy guidance around the use of drones.
“Drone technology is developing at an incredible pace, and the effective use of drones can deliver significant economic and social benefits for local communities,” Mr Diehm said.
“Fraser Coast Regional Council is identifying where we could use drones to more efficiently and effectively deliver services to our residents and to manage and maintain our assets.
“For example, Council could use drones to conduct inspections of council buildings and other infrastructure, to monitor wildlife populations in parks, for pest and weed control, for surveys, for event management or for images and videos for tourism marketing.
“Drones could be particularly useful during and after times of natural disaster to help get a better understanding of the impact of an event on the local community and how best to deliver support and assistance.
“As part of the three month trial project, TECKnology will be working with Council to deliver drone imagery, mentor staff and provide advice around issues such as flight plans, licencing, training, systems and records.
“We’ll also be assessing the needs of the different directorates within Council, how data can be collected and how drone activities could be co-ordinated across the organisation.”
The three month Chief Pilot project builds on Council’s Drones Strategy, which was developed last year to help position the Fraser Coast as a Drones Innovation Hub.
Council is also holding the inaugural Drones and Innovation Showcase at the Brolga Theatre in Maryborough on 19 June 2019 to highlight opportunities for businesses to apply drone technologies.
More information about the Drones and Innovation Showcase is available at