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Do not flush that - it is World Toilet Day

18 November 2019

It’s World Toilet Day (November 19) and we’re spreading the word on the importance of keeping your pipes clean.

There’s only three P’s to flush – toilet paper, pee and something that rhymes with woohoo. 

“Some things are just not suitable to put into our sewer systems” Councillor Anne Maddern said.

“Toilets are not rubbish bins. Some items that people flush cause real issues downstream.

“Wet wipes, cotton buds, nappies, contraceptive devices, feminine hygiene products, medication and needles should be thrown in the bin.

“Even wet wipes which are advertised as flushable should not be flushed down the toilet. 

“They do not breakdown like toilet paper and can form into large floating clumps which collect other debris, such as cotton buds and cooking fat that has been flushed down the kitchen sink. 

“These ‘fatburgs’ clog pipes; jam pumps and tangle up equipment at sewage treatment plants and clog pipes in homes.

“Cleaning your blocked pipes can be difficult and expensive, especially if the sewage backs up and oozes into your house or yard.”

The same goes for old medicines.

“Out of date or left over medicines should not be flushed down the toilet or poured down the sink,” Cr Maddern said. 

“Treatment plants aren’t designed to remove the chemicals in medicines so they can have a detrimental effect on the environment.

“The only safe way to dispose of unwanted medicines is to take unused or out of date pharmaceuticals to a pharmacy for proper disposal.”