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Fraser Coast roads given a new lease of life

31 January 2020

Roads right across the Fraser Coast will be made safer and smoother as part of a $670,000 bitumen resealing program being undertaken by Council starting Monday (February 3).

“The program covers 54 locations in Howard, Burrum Town, Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Aldershot, Yengarie, Grahams Creek, Dunmora, Woocoo, Teebar, Malarga and Kanigan,” Fraser Coast Mayor George Seymour said.

“The work is part of the Council’s regular maintenance program to ensure our roads last as long as possible as we deliver quality services and infrastructure for the people of the Fraser Coast.

“One of the first projects will be the section of Torquay Terrace between Tavistock and Bideford streets which is scheduled for Monday, weather permitting,” Cr Seymour said.

A bitumen reseal involves spraying a thin layer of bitumen over an existing road surface to protect the underlying road pavement from weather damage. A stone aggregate is spread on top of the bitumen.

The process can extend the life of an existing road by up to 14 years, depending on traffic loading.

“This type of resealling ensures we get the best efficiency and value for money from road infrastructure,” he said.

“We apologise that there will be some inconvenience to motorists while the work is undertaken,” Cr Seymour said.

“Sections of roads will be closed for short periods as the work is undertaken. Residents will be notified before the work is undertaken.”

The list of 54 locations can be viewed on the roadworks page of the Fraser Coast Regional Council website under the heading - bitumen resealing (various areas) here.