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Get Ready storm clean up

5 October, 2018

If you want to avoid the queues on the Get Ready weekend – sort your load.

“Last year almost 9,000 vehicles visited four landfills and transfer stations on the Get Ready weekend,” Chairman of the Local Disaster Management Group, Cr Rolf Light said.

On the Get Ready weekend in November, Council opens its landfills and transfer stations so items can be disposed of for free to encourage residents to clean up before the storm season.

“Green waste and recyclables made up the bulk of the material that was collected last year,” Cr Light said.

“Don’t wait for the Get Ready weekend to take green waste and recyclables to the transfer stations or landfill sites. They can be disposed of for free at any time.

“My tip for this year is start cleaning up around your house now; sort the material into what can be recycled and what is going to be dumped and take the green waste and recyclables now.

“On the Get Ready weekend, sort your load as you pack the trailer or your boot so that the rubbish is on the bottom and the recyclable materials are on the top. 

“If most of what you are going to take is green waste, can go into the recycle bins or the steel bin then take it out now, it’s free to dispose of that material at any time, you don’t have to wait for the Get Ready Weekend.

“On the weekend there will be staff on hand to help you unload the recyclable materials so you can get home quickly. We ask that you are patient as we are expecting a lot of traffic.

“Once you have unloaded your recyclables you will go to the tip face of rubbish pit

“If you don’t sort your load and go straight to the tip face or rubbish pit, then you will have to wait your turn in the queue and unload by yourself.”

The Get Ready Weekend is Saturday, November 10 and Sunday, November 11.

“We encourage residents to clean up around their homes and yards in preparation of the storm and cyclone season,” Cr Light said.

“Loose items, such as a broken trampoline, an old swing set or those spare sheets of corrugated iron stacked down behind the shed can become missiles in a storm or cyclone and cause a lot of damage.”

Residents will be able to dispose of domestic quantities of waste during the weekend.

“Commercial operators will still be charged during the weekend,” Cr Light said.

“Domestic quantities is a trailer or ute-load. The charges for tyres and mattresses will also be dropped on the Get Ready weekend but there are limits of six tyres and four mattresses.

“Residents will also be able to drop take un-gassed fridges, freezes and air conditioners in for free for the weekend as well. A special area will be set up for them.

“The fees to dispose of hazardous waste, such as asbestos will still apply.”

The recycle shops at the transfer stations and Saltwater Creek Road landfill will be closed that weekend and mulch sales suspended.

“We will have all available hands helping to keep people moving through the centres,” Cr Light said.

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