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International Da Vinci exhibition comes to Maryborough

8 November, 2018

In a major coup for the Fraser Coast, the award-winning international touring exhibition Da Vinci Machines is coming to Maryborough City Hall this summer. 

Fraser Coast Councillor David Lewis said the interactive exhibition for all ages explores the mind of 15th century Renaissance artist, inventor and engineer Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519).

“I’d encourage everyone to bring their friends and family to view replicas of Da Vinci’s works as part of this excellent exhibition, on loan from the ‘Museum of Leonardo Da Vinci,” Cr Lewis said.  

Created by the acclaimed Artisans of Florence in collaboration with The Niccolai Group (Firenze), the exhibition consists of over 60 exhibits reconstructed from Da Vinci’s manuscripts and drawings.

Exploring and connecting his studies in nature, anatomy, mechanics, flight and robotics, the exhibition demonstrates how Da Vinci’s work is more relevant in today’s scientific world compared to 500 years ago when he first conceived his amazing ideas.

The exhibition brings together the latest discoveries of lost Da Vinci inventions, such as his mechanical drumming robot, with his most iconic inventions such as the helicopter, bicycle, military tank and scuba suit.

Exhibition themes include war, robotic, flying, nautical, hydraulic and civil machines. It also features reproductions of Da Vinci’s famous art works such as the Mona Lisa, Last Supper and many more.

Da Vinci was the leading figure of the Italian Renaissance, who more than anyone else in history represents an ideal person with expertise in a wide variety of areas including science and art. 
He also had interests in other fields including architecture, botany, geology, music and literature.

The Da Vinci Machines exhibition will run from 24 November to 20 January. Admissions apply. For more details please visit