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Looking for Regional Leaders

12 February, 2018

Council is looking for residents from the small communities to be a part of the Fraser Coast Regional Leadership Program.

The program aims to reinvigorate the smaller communities and was developed following a visit to the Fraser Coast by Small Communities expert facilitator Peter Kenyon.

“Last year Council organised Peter Kenyon to visit to the region to conduct a number of community forums,” Cr Maddern said. 

“During the forums a number of fantastic ideas to reshape and reinvigorate our region were uncovered.

“One was to create a program to link smaller communities together to share ideas, resources and opportunities.

“To do that, Council has created the Fraser Coast Regional Leadership Program where residents from the smaller communities can work with Peter to develop fresh and creative ways to stimulate our community and drive local economic renewal.

“People have good ideas, and when they put them into action the community gets behind them.

“There are numerous examples and two that immediately spring to mind are the building of the Brolga Theatre and the creation of the Hervey Bay Seafood Festival.

“There is no age limit. The most important qualities are a genuine concern for the future of your community and enthusiasm.”

So far 20 people have joined the program, but there is room for more, Cr Maddern said.

Nomination forms for the Fraser Coast Leadership Program are available by clicking here. Applications close on Monday, February 19, 2018.