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Take care when using boats and jet skis at the beach

8 October 2019

The Fraser Coast Regional Council is reminding boaties and jetski enthusiasts about their responsibilities in bathing reserves.

“Last summer, there was a lot of activity along the foreshore from Point Vernon to Urangan,” Deputy Mayor Darren Everard said.

“With an influx of new residents and an increase in boats and jetskis, it is timely to remind all users about the bathing reserves and the rules of using motorised craft.

“Bathing reserves have been gazetted between Grinstead Road and the western end of Mant Street, Point Vernon; between the intersection of Mant and Corfield streets and the eastern end of Aplin Street, Point Vernon; and the Scarness Pier and the Margaret Street Groyne.

“Unfortunately people are launching boats and jetskis at a ramp and then moving along the beach to pick up friends and family who are within a bathing reserve.

“Under Local Law 6 (Bathing Reserves) a boat or vessel, jetski or other motorised device is only permitted within the boat access or navigation channel at the ramp; or within 20 metres either side of a public boat ramp and that they stay at least 200 metres from the shoreline.

“Some jet skis are also being tied to the Urangan Pier and the operators then spear fishing or fishing. Watercraft must stay 100 metres away from the pier.

“We want everyone to have fun and be aware of other people using the water, especially when they are moving through swimmers going to and from a ramp.

“It has been fantastic that over the years there have been very few complaints from swimmers or boaties using the beaches. Everyone is being very polite.

“We hope it stays that way.”