Animal Desexing Reimbursement Incentive

Council is committed to reducing the number of unwanted cats and dogs within the Fraser Coast Regional Council area, and in October 2022, Council adopted a new Animal Desexing Reimbursement Incentive Policy to provide reimbursement of some costs associated with the desexing of cats and dogs.  Additionally, the policy ensures that animal management funding is benefiting Fraser Coast residents and used with Fraser Coast businesses.

The policy provides eligible persons with a desexing reimbursement of $50 for cats and $100 for dogs.

To be eligible to apply for reimbursement of costs, you must be:

  • A resident of the Fraser Coast Regional Council area; and
  • An eligible holder of an approved Queensland Concession Card not limited to seniors, people with a disability, carers, sole parents, widows and students, Health Care or a Veteran Card; and 
  • The owner of a microchipped, desexed cat, or
  • The owner of a microchipped, desexed dog that is registered (under 12 weeks of age exempt); and
  • Have had the animal desexed within the last 60 days (of application date).

For more information please refer to our information sheet.

To apply, please complete the form, and submit this and all required supporting documentation to either our Customer Service Office (Hervey Bay or Maryborough) or by emailing to