Wide Bay Water provides a range of consultancy services and solutions both Australia-wide and overseas.

  • The award-winning work of our team of civil, process, electrical and mechanical engineers can assist your business in a range of services including:

    • Strategic planning
    • Development services
    • Design of pump stations and treatment plants
    • Delivery of capital projects
    • Network modelling 
  • Our Scientific Services Laboratory is one of Queensland’s only regionally-based NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited water labs.

    Furnished with state-of-the-art scientific equipment, our lab provides an extensive range of testing for local governments, urban developers, aquaculture operators, farmers, hospitality and tourism operators and householders.

    Services include testing of water quality for package plants, bores, tanks and dams.

  • This team works to continually improve awareness and management of environmental risks and to avoid, reduce and control pollution from our operations. They also provide support services related to trade waste, community liaison, complaint investigation, managing water restrictions and conducting environmental monitoring.

    Some of the environmental services include:

    • Environmental monitoring
    • Environmental complaint resolution
    • Catchment management
    • Vegetation management
    • Water restrictions
    • Trade waste management
    • Environmental risk management
    • Environmental consultation

Wide Bay Water