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Newsflash – Updated Plan Sealing and Security of Electricity Supply Requirements

06 April 2016

Further to Council’s newsflash dated 20 November 2015, Council has reviewed its standard development condition relating to the provision of  “electricity supply’ for  Reconfiguring a Lot  (ROL) approvals.

The Condition includes a requirement for electrical supply, timing and evidence of supply agreements.

The following will be applied as standard condition to all ROL approvals requiring electricity supply:

Electricity Supply

That each lot the subject of this approval be provided with a reticulated power connection and supply under standard tariff conditions.
In this regard, the developer is to enter into an agreement with an approved electricity provider, prior to issuance of a Compliance Certificate for the subdivision plan, 
to ensure that electricity will be available to each allotment under standard tariff conditions and without further capital contributions.  Evidence of such an agreement must be:

  1. Provision of a Certificate of Supply, or
  2. Provision of a Certificate of Acceptance, or
  3. Provision of a Negotiated Connection Establishment Contract, and evidence of the following;
    1. substantial commencement of the internal electrical work, and 
    2. evidence of contract with electrical contractor;
    3. and evidence of the ability to fund the contract value of the electrical works.

Should you have any further questions, please contact our Planning Department on 1300 79 49 29.