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Notice of amendments to the defined flood levels for the Fraser Coast Flood Hazard Area Resoultion

Council at its Ordinary Meeting No.12 on 10 September 2014, made changes to the existing Defined Flood Levels in some areas of the Fraser Coast. This resolution replaces the resolution made by Council at its Ordinary Meeting No. 1 on 22 January 2014 and takes effect on Friday, 12 September 2014.

The changes clarify that Defined Flood Levels are only provided in areas where Council has a fit for purpose flood study. The new resolution also clarifies the source of Defined Flood Levels and what assistance is available in those areas where a Defined Flood Level has not been adopted.

The Flood Hazard Area or Flood Hazard Overlay has not been changed by this resolution.

Pursuant to Section 13 of the Building Regulation 2006 Council resolved:

  • To designate part of the Fraser Coast Regional Council local government area as a Flood Hazard Area as identified on the Flood Hazard Overlay maps in the Fraser Coast Planning Scheme;
  • To declare the flood levels from Stormwater Catchment and Flood Risk Studies identified in the resolution as the Defined Flood Levels;
  • To provide other relevant information where a Defined Flood Level is unavailable in response to flood search requests to Council (information may include surface contours (derived from LiDAR where available), Flood Hazard Area mapping, and other anecdotal evidence such as flood level records and estimated extents of inundation from historic flood events); and
  • That the resolution take effect on and from 12 September 2014.

The purpose and general effect of the resolution is to provide information to help determine the minimum flood immunity for housing and other development.

Details of the resolution and copies of the Flood Hazard Area and Defined Flood Level Area Map are available for viewing and download by clicking here.

Defined Flood Levels and other flood information for individual properties can be obtained by requesting a flood search through Council's Customer Service Centre or by calling 1300 794 929.