Establishment or occupation of a temporary home

Subordinate Local Law No. 1 (Administration 2011) Schedule 7 provides the opportunity for land owners/residential caretaker to reside on their property under an establishment or occupation of a temporary home approval while their permanent dwelling is being built.

For further details please refer to the establishment or occupation of a temporary home fact sheet.

How does the local law affect you?

Approval may be granted for land owners to reside in a temporary home on their property for the following:

  • shed or class 10a building (prior building approval required);
  • caravan or mobile home;
  • bus;
  • car, van or other vehicle for up to six months; or
  • tent for up to three months.

The circumstances for which an approval may be granted are:

  • building and plumbing approvals have been obtained for a permanent dwelling on the property;
  • the applicant is able to demonstrate financial capacity and ability to construct the permanent dwelling;
  • an adequate source of potable water is available;
  • there is adequate means of waste disposal and sanitation available;
  • the temporary home is suitably screened from the street so as not to adversely affect the amenity of the area.

Conditions will be imposed on an approval and may include:

  • construction of the permanent residence is not to cease for more than three calendar months;
  • all necessary amenities are provided to the temporary homes;
  • only the owners of the property and their immediate family, including a maximum of two adults, reside in the temporary home;
  • construction of the permanent dwelling must be completed within a specified timeframe; and
  • upon completion and occupation of the permanent dwelling, the temporary home is to be de-commissioned and in the case of a shed, the removal of all habitable rooms including the kitchen, bedroom and living rooms.

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