Mobility Scooter Convoy


Rescheduled to Saturday 10 September!


The 2022 Mobility Scooter Convoy has been rescheduled to Saturday 10 September!

Participants can register from 8am on the day at Scarness Park, with the official convoy underway at 9.30am.

To make the process faster, you can pre-fill a copy of the registration form and bring it with you. Registration Form

Riders will travel along the Esplanade to the Seafront Oval following the pathway.

Once completing the circumference of the Oval you will travel around the back of the Skate Park/ All Abilities Playground and then reconnect to the Esplanade pathway back to Scarness Park where you started.

✖ You will not be able to leave the parade at any point or your vehicle will be discounted, others are also unable to cross the parade either by foot or vehicle.

✔ You must join the convoy through the official start point and complete the convoy via this same location to be officially counted by our cameras and official counters on the day.

✔ When travelling through the official finish line we ask that you move to the area in front of the stage to not block others from leaving the convoy and to allow the convoy to be continually on the move.

✔ There will be volunteers in hi-vis vests to assist you with directions.

Charging stations will be available at Scarness Park, as well as free food and drinks for participants and volunteers.

If you have any questions, please contact Halcro Street Community Centre on 4194 2441.

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