Town Crier Championships


Oyez Oyez Oyez! Come one, come all!

Town Criers all over Australia are limbering up their larynxes in preparation for the National Championships of the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Australian Town Criers in Maryborough. 

This is a colourful and fun event that you won’t want to miss with all the criers performing in their colourful regalia from Maryborough’s historic rotunda in Queens Park.

Town Criers represent their town and compete against one another for the titles of:

  • Champion of Champions
  • Loudest Cry
  • Most Extravagant Outfit.

To win the Championship, each participant Crier performs two cries up to 125 words each. One is about their hometown and another about the host town, with three judges determining the winner.

Cries are judged on poise, bearing, confidence, clarity, content, pitch and protocol.    

Where: Queens Park - Bandstand, Maryborough
When: Saturday 1 July from 9am-12.30pm

Town Crier Championship