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Flood hazard area Flood hazard area

Council at its Ordinary Meeting No.10 on Wednesday, 7 September 2016 made changes to the Flood Hazard Area resolution.

Howard Flood Study 2016 and Designation of Flood Hazard Area pursuant to Section13 of Building Regulation 2006.


That Council:

A. Adopt the Defined Flood Level Area Maps (Map1, Map2) and the flood levels from the Stormwater Catchment and Flood Risk Studies identified in Table 1 for the purpose of identifying the relevant source of flood level information for Part B of this resolution:

Table 1 - Flood level source

Flood Study Name

Mary River Flood Study (Climate Change Scenario) #2142644 GHD 2011
Bunya Creek Flood Risk Reduction Study #734967 JWP Oct 2006
HBCC Flood Risk Reduction Study Appendix N Pialba Pt Vernon #915748 Worley Parsons 2008
HBCC Flood Risk Reduction Study Appendix E Dougan St #915737 Worley Parsons 2008
Eli Creek Catchment Management Plan Vol 1‐2 #658274 JWP Oct 2003
HBCC Flood Risk Reduction Study Appendix D Sawmill Road #915736 Worley Parsons 2008
HBCC Flood Risk Reduction Study Appendix C Beelbi Creek #915734 Worley Parsons 2008
HBCC Flood Risk Reduction Study Appendix B O'Regan Creek #915733 Worley Parsons 2008
Aldershot Flood Study Rev1 #1933376 Worley Parsons 2009
Pulgul Creek Flood Risk Reduction Study #742844 JWP Dec 2006
HBCC Flood Risk Reduction Study Appendix F Moolyyir Creek #915739 Worley Parsons 2008
Urangan Drainage Study - Ultimate Development Scenario #657641 Cardno MBK-July 2003
Lowlands Lagoons Catchment Drainage Study Vol 1-3 #656935 Cardno MBK-Nov 2003
Tooan Tooan Flood Risk Reduction Study #784624 JWP Nov 2006
St. Josephs Drive to Fairway Drive 2009 Model Run Assessment (Inundation Mapping Outputs Only) #2537951 Worley Parsons 2009
Burrum, Cherwell, Isis, Gregory River Flood Study (Climate Change Scenario – HAT + 0.8 and 10% increased rainfall intensity) #3051475‐v2 GHD 2015
Howard Flood Study #3184789 GHD 2016


Pursuant to Section 13 of the Building Regulations:

i. Designates part of the Fraser Coast Regional Council local government area as a Flood Hazard Area as identified on the Flood Hazard Area Map 1 and Flood Hazard Area Map 2 ;
ii. Declares that the adopted flood levels from Part A of this resolution are the Defined Flood Levels; and
iii. Declares a freeboard of 300 mm above the defined flood level to determine the minimum habitable floor level;

C. Instructs the Chief Executive Officer to keep a register of the Flood Hazard Area and when the designation was made;

D. Provides the Defined Flood Level from Part B of this resolution where applicable in flood search requests made to Council and;

E. This resolution replaces the resolution made by Council at its Ordinary Meeting No. 16 on 02 December 2015 and takes effect on Monday 19 September 2016.

F. That Council resolves pursuant to Chapter 3, Part 5 of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, to make and adopt a minor amendment to the Fraser Coast Planning Scheme 2014 Flood Hazard Overly Map OM‐008.1 and OM‐008.2 to reflect the Flood Hazard Area.