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Food safety and licensing Food safety and licensing

Council's Environmental Health Officers are authorised officers for the purposes of the Food Act 2006 and are responsible for the monitoring, inspection and licensing (where applicable) of all food business activities to ensure they comply with the Food Safety Standards.

Eat Safe Fraser Coast

All licensed food businesses (excluding Short Term Food Stalls and Domestic Water Carriers) within the Fraser Coast Region will be issued with an Eat Safe star rating based on an Eat Safe Audit undertaken by Council.

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Food safety supervisor

Every licensed food business is required to have a food safety supervisor (PDF,140kB)

New food businesses are required to notify Council within 30 days of the issue of their licence.

A food safety supervisor is required to take a lead role in supervising food safety in the licensed food business. Apart from holding the required competencies, they must:

  • have the ability to supervise food handling practices in the food business
  • be reasonably available at all times the food business is operating
  • have the authority to supervise and give instructions to food handlers

A food safety supervisor must have a statement of attainment issued by a Registered Training Organisation or have demonstrated to an RTO that they have the prior skills, experience or training to meet these competencies.

Temporary entertainment events

If you coordinating or participating in one of the region's temporary entertainment events; familiarise yourself with the Food Vendor Licensing and Public Health Guideline for Events.

Food safety program

Under the Food Act 2006, certain licensable food businesses in Queensland must have a food safety program accredited by Council (PDF,101kB).

A food safety program is a documented program that identifies and controls food safety hazards in the handling of food in a food business.

There are various food safety program templates available to help you develop a food safety program that is tailored to your food business.

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