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Fraser Coast Airports Master Plan 2011-2031 Fraser Coast Airports Master Plan 2011-2031

The Fraser Coast Airports Master Plan seeks to provide a clear, easily understood planning framework for both the aviation and non-aviation development of the Fraser Coast airports for the next 20 years.

The Master Plan provides the basis for the development of aviation facilities and infrastructure, coordination of aviation and non-aviation land use planning and management of the airports.

2030/31 Aviation Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF)

Aviation Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) is a system developed as a land use planning tool aimed at controlling encroachment on airports by "noise sensitive" buildings.

ANEFs are the official forecasts of future noise exposure patterns around an airport and they constitute the contours on which land use planning authorities base their controls.

The ANEFs for the Hervey Bay and Maryborough airports have been endorsed and incorporated into the Fraser Coast Airports Master Plan.