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Survey confirms Fraser Coast Council workplace culture improving

20 January 2020

The workplace culture at the Fraser Coast Regional Council has improved dramatically over the past two years, staff survey results confirm.

Independent ‘Performance and Engagement’ Surveys were conducted in October 2017, December 2018 and November 2019 to examine Council’s performance using the Australian Business Excellence Framework and benchmarks set by more than 80 local governments throughout Australia.

CEO Ken Diehm said the results of the surveys of more than 600 Council staff had shown significant year-on-year improvement.

“While there is still a lot to do, we have come a long way over the past two and a half years. I am extremely proud of how staff have driven change to ensure the Fraser Coast Regional Council is a more effective organisation and a better place to work,” he said.

“The surveys consider Council’s performance using the Australian Business Excellence Framework categories of leadership, strategy, people, information, processes and customer focus, while also examining how engaged and committed staff feel.

“The most recent survey shows that our Council’s performance improved in all categories and is now rated among the top 10 per cent of benchmarked Councils throughout Australia, while the scores on engagement have improved from being in the lowest 10 per cent in 2017 to the top 25 per cent.

“Council staff developed and adopted the TRAITS values (Trust, Respect, Accountability, Initiative, Teamwork and Service) to guide their behaviours and actions, and the survey results show the culture has become more passionate and driven to improve.

“Every work team has developed their own plans to improve efficiency, productivity and culture, and the TRAITS values have now become the bedrock upon which we operate. While there is still room for improvement, I am so proud of the progress staff have made and it’s come about through their efforts to embrace and lead the change process. 

“We are going to keep working hard to restore community confidence in Council and improve our organisational culture so we are delivering the services and facilities the people of the Fraser Coast region need and deserve.”

Mayor George Seymour congratulated Council staff for their efforts and commitment.

“I am so proud of our team – both Councillors and staff – who are working together to build better communities on the Fraser Coast,” he said.