Greening the Fraser Coast


Street trees on Panorama  Drive, Dundowran

The draft Greening the Fraser Coast Strategy has been developed to facilitate the implementation of a range of projects to assist in achieving Council’s aspirational target of planting 100,000 trees by 2030, as well as the inclusion of shade trees within areas of high density development.

The strategy document makes up a part of the overall Greening the Fraser Coast Strategy, and is intended to be used as a framework to provide structure and methodology for the process of tree establishment on Council-managed land. It is intended to be read in conjunction with Council’s Tree Management Policy and other related policy and strategy documents, such as the State mandated Walkable Neighbourhoods provisions and Council’s Active Travel Strategy.

The strategy will be used as a model for design and implementation of tree planting projects within the region to create shade to make our built environment more pleasant, cooler and more comfortable.

The strategy identifies the benefits and challenges of establishing trees in the urban streetscape and involves two pilot street tree planting studies, being Adelaide Street in Maryborough’s CBD, and Urraween Heights residential estate in Hervey Bay.

Nomination of tree species will be determined as part of each specific program at a street/estate level in consultation with local stakeholders. Appendix D – Community Flyers (as mentioned on page 3) are draft working documents and have not been included for public comment at this stage.  These will be made available as part of consultation with local stakeholders in association with each specific program at a street/estate level.

The community is being encouraged to review the draft Greening the Fraser Coast Strategy document and provide comments via email to: openspace& by close of business 15 February 2021.

View the draft Greening the Fraser Coast Strategy here