More flexibility to fill in the missing footpaths


Proposed changes to the Fraser Coast Active Travel Strategy will give the Fraser Coast Regional Council more flexibility to complete missing links in the regional footpath network.

“For example, district footpaths previously were defined as 2.5m wide which meant there were many situations where there was not enough room to build a footpath,” Councillor Denis Chapman said.

“If the changes are adopted Council could change the width for a section of footpath to fill in missing links in areas where it was previously restricted by width limitation set out in the plan.”

The strategy also includes a list of missing links in the footpath network which should be prioritised in the Capital Work Program for the next 20 years.

The strategy is reviewed regularly to ensure it keeps pace with growth and changing commuter trends.

“We’re now asking for feedback from residents about the proposed changes,” Cr Chapman said.

Submissions close Wednesday 3 June 2020. Please submit your enquires and submissions by emailing

“It was previously called the Walk and Cycle Strategy but in this review Council broadened the scope of the strategy so it was renamed the Active Travel Strategy to include all modes of transport that involve physical activity, including mobility scooters and other wheeled devices,” he said.

“The aim is to make other forms of travel just as easy as car travel.

“We can do that by providing facilities for electric devices such as charging stations; by providing incentives for developers to incorporate facilities and to link to existing walk/cycle facilities; improving streetscapes and end of trip facilities such as providing showers and lockers.”

The Active Travel Strategy is available for viewing on the Have Your Say page of the Council website.