Boost for coastal villages


An upgraded playground, a replacement community shelter and new water tanks for rural fire brigades are among the Council projects underway in coastal villages along the Sandy Strait.

Fraser Coast Mayor George Seymour and Division 4 Councillor Daniel Sanderson toured projects underway and recently completed along the coastal strip.

“It has been great getting to know the residents of the coastal villages which are now part of Division 4,” Cr Sanderson said.

The boundaries of the divisions were changed just before the 2020 elections. Previously the coastal villages of the Sandy Strait were part of Division 2.

“The coastal villages are very diverse,” Cr Seymour said.

“Council is balancing the provision of facilities for permanent residents and ensuring there is adequate facilities for visitors to these highly popular villages which are also part of our tourism attractions.”

Work is underway on a $45,000 project to replace playground equipment in Eric Coe Park in Poona.

“At the same time Council crews are working on a $16,000 project to replace the Poona Point shelter shed,” Cr Sanderson said.

“It is anticipated the project will be completed in late June, weather permitting.

“Our Disaster Management team is working with the Poona Progress Association to install plumbing and power so the rural firies can access 60,000 litres of water stored in underground tanks.

“The project included installing power lines to pumps so the tankers could be filled using a generator which has given to the group two years ago as part of Council’s efforts to prepare our communities for natural disasters,” Cr Seymour said.

“More resilient communities recover quickly after disasters.”

Council’s Natural Environment Team has also helped the Poona Community negotiate an agreement with HQ Plantations on the frequency of slashing to maintain the visual amenity of the entrance to Poona, Cr Sanderson said.

“We have also started a two-year trial on reducing the frequency of slashing under the powerlines to allow native wildflowers to flower and reseed,” he said.

“Volunteers helped bollard off an area within the Council road reserve which will be left to regenerate naturally in a bid to provide an attractive Wallum Wildflower display at the town entrance.

“Volunteers from the Council’s Community Environment Program will help with maintenance as required.”

Council is also worked with the Maaroom Community Co-ordination Committee and Progress Association to boost that area’s firefighting capability.

“Two 22,500 water tanks and fittings have been installed so rural fire brigade tankers can fill quickly,” Cr Seymour said.

“There is enough water in the tanks to fill one of the rural fire attack tankers 15 times which is a significant boost to their fire fight capability.”

Further down the coast at Tinnanbar a $74,000 project to upgrade a toilet to cater for users is about to start.

“The existing brick toilet will be demolished and replaced with a standalone, single unisex all abilities cubical with connecting paths and set down area,” Cr Sanderson said.