Scarness Caravan Park Upgrade

Fraser Coast Regional Council has developed a work plan to progressively upgrade the Scarness Caravan Park over the next 18 months. Under the plan, work will occur in a series of stages to minimise the impact on local businesses and park guests, and ensure parts of the park open for self-contained caravans and RVs as soon as possible. The decision follows recent testing that identified the need to replace underground electrical cabling throughout the entire park.

STAGE 1 Works completed to 30 June 2021

Works completed at the Scarness Caravan Park include the demolition of the above ground facilities, the removal of
all underground infrastructure and the relocation of the former manager’s residence off the site.
The land has been compacted and grass regrowth has occurred. The Park has been divided into three sections as
shown in the map on the back. This consists of the eastern section, which allows for approximately 45 self-containedand RV sites, and the northern and southern greenfield sites within the western section.

STAGE 2 Works throughout 2021 and 2022

The full development of the Scarness Caravan Park will occur over the next 18 months to 2 years.
This is dependent upon various factors including the market’s ability to respond and the availability of

The development will occur in the following stages:-

• Detailed design for office, residence and facilities
• Procurement plan and construction tender scoped and tender request issued
• Tenders received, evaluated & approved / contract executed
• Construction of western section – above and below ground facilities and infrastructure
• Eastern section demolition / construction - above and below ground facilities and infrastructure
• Fully developed caravan park opened