Scarness Caravan Park Upgrade

Fraser Coast Regional Council has developed a work plan to progressively upgrade the Scarness Caravan Park over the next 18 months. Under the plan, work will occur in a series of stages to minimise the impact on local businesses and park guests, and ensure parts of the park open for self-contained caravans and RVs as soon as possible. The decision follows recent testing that identified the need to replace underground electrical cabling throughout the entire park.

STAGE 1 Works from August to December 2020

Under the first stage of the work plan, the western and middle sections of the park will remain closed as a construction site while the above ground facilities are demolished and underground services removed. In the eastern section of the park, the powerheads will be removed, but all roads and slabs will remain in place, the dump point will remain open, solar lighting will be installed and potable water will be available. This will allow the eastern section to be opened by September as a self-contained caravan and RV site for about 40 campers. As work progresses through the middle and western sections, a further 20 to 60 self-contained caravan and RV sites will be opened. This will be a greenfield area as all power, roads, slabs and underground infrastructure will have been removed. This means between 60 and 100 self-contained caravan and RV sites will be open for the Christmas holiday period, with all on site works ceasing from mid-December to mid-January.

STAGE 2 Works throughout 2021 to early 2022

The next stage will be the construction of a newly designed, fully serviced caravan park, starting in the western section and progressing through to the middle section. This is expected to take about five to six months, pending approvals. Once this work is completed, these sections will be opened as a fully serviced caravan park and the eastern section will be closed for works to be carried out over about two to three months.