Sewage is waste matter from the community. It includes such things as faecal matter, urine, household and commercial wastewater, and industrial wastes. It does not include stormwater.

Sewerage system

A sewerage system is the network of pipes and structures for the collection and transfer of sewage to the treatment plant.

It is important to have a sewerage system to treat and dispose of sewage correctly because, besides having a bad smell, sewage contains bacteria and other substances that can be harmful to our health.

After the sewage goes through a number of screening processes at the wastewater treatment facility, the liquid content is recycled for irrigation and the solid content is recycled as an agricultural soil conditioner.


Stormwater is water collected or discharged as a result of rain and its run-off.

Collection areas include:

  • Roof water
  • Surface water (run-off from paved and unpaved areas)
  • Sub-soil water (water accumulated within the ground).

Stormwater should NEVER be directed into the sewerage system. It can overload the system making treatment plants unable to cope which can lead to overflows (sometimes in people's houses).

Directing water into the sewage system is illegal under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008.