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Corporate Facebook page

Fraser Coast Regional Council's Facebook page is designed to keep the community informed about Council news.

Council encourages all members of the community to share ideas and interact on our Facebook page but there are specific terms and conditions and protocol that must be followed. 

In order to provide a positive experience for all users, Council will intervene and remove posts when they are deemed to have breached these terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions 

The terms and conditions include, but are not limited to: 

  • Posts or comments deemed to be prejudiced, racist, defamatory, offensive, off-topic, irrelevant, repetitive or otherwise inappropriate.
  • Offensive language will not be tolerated (even in abbreviations).
  • Harassment or personal attacks on Council or other users will be removed.
  • Speculation or comment on legal matters or legislation will be removed. 
  • Revealing or sensitive information about others will be removed. 
  • Do not repost others’ appeals.
  • Links to other Facebook pages, any non-government or off-topic page will be removed.
  • Content that constitutes advertising, promotion of commercial interests, solicitation or endorsements or non-governmental products and services will be removed. 
  • Comments of a political nature or that could be interpreted as campaigning will be removed.
  • The comments section will be disabled during the caretaker period.

If you wish to ask a question on a topic not covered in a post or request a formal response from Council please email it to 

Any users found repeatedly breaching these guidelines will be banned from the Facebook page.