Supporting local industry

Council operates under a Five Point Plan which injects funds into the local economy through the use of local suppliers.

We aim to:

  • Inject funds into the local economy through our spending regimes;
  • Provide employment security;
  • Promote development activity, and;
  • Show strong fiscal management.

Council's Economic Development Strategy (EDS) also promotes the region's economy by:

  • Fostering an environment that retains and supports existing businesses while expanding economic opportunity;
  • Actively marketing the Fraser Coast's competitive advantages to attract new business and developments;
  • Encouraging the development of competitive local businesses within the Fraser Coast and more broadly within the Wide Bay region.

The EDS is linked to Council's 2009 – 2013 Corporate Plan which outlines the Council's vision for the region. 

Local Spend

Under our local spend policy, 80% of the Council's discretionary operational and capital budget is spent locally depending on the availability and ability of local suppliers to perform capital works and provide services/goods.

In addition, the Council spends $69.7 million on total budgeted employee costs, for 743 staff.

How is Council's local spend tracking 2019/20 YTD?

The gauges below provide an indication of the Council's current local spend.

YTD Local April 2020
$84 million

Local Spend
April 2020
$7.9 million

Economic Multiplier (x4)
YTD April 2020
$336.1 million

Local spend April


Local spend resized


Economic x