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Emergency action plan Emergency action plan

The Lenthalls Dam Emergency Action Plan (EAP) describes the coordination of necessary actions by Wide Bay Water (WBW) and its officers to provide timely notification to Police, Counter Disaster groups and affected persons in the event of an emergency condition at Lenthall Dam.

The EAP is based on the following components:

  • Emergency Events and Action Procedures
  • Flooding
  • Excessive or New Seepage Occurrence
  • Earthquake
  • Contamination of Catchment or Reservoir
  • Excessive Movement of the Dam
  • An Object Crashing into the Dam
  • Damage to Concrete or Embankment Sections

For more information, head to the Emergency Action Plan


Access to a safe, reliable and sustainable water resource is essential for human health, community development and economic growth.

The new Crestgate system raised the capacity of Lake Lenthall from 17,800 megalitres to 29,500 megalitres. That makes the reservoir large enough to supply the city of Hervey Bay until 2025.

In devising this system, Wide Bay Water Corporation has delivered an outcome for the city and the region which:

  • Protects Wongi Waterholes;
  • rehabilitates habitat for the endangered Black Breasted Button Quail;
  • returns environmental flows to the Burrum River;
  • minimises upstream flooding;
  • delivers a recreation alternative for tourists and the community with a magnificent recreation area; and
  • most importantly delivers for the long-term water needs of the city of Hervey Bay.

Benefits of Crestgates

Firstly, in times of flood, the Crestgates allow lots of water to flow through as if there wasn’t a dam in place.

Secondly, it enables us to quickly restore Lake Lenthall to its operating level as the flood dissipates.

Thirdly, it also means that logs and other debris washed through in floods won’t become stuck in the gates; they simply wash right over. From a maintenance perspective, this is a great benefit.

The cost of this gate system was about the same as building another concrete spillway structure but offers much more control.