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Recycled water application Recycled water application

Interested parties who would like to use recycled water from any of Wide Bay Water's Reuse Schemes must register their interest by completing the ‚ÄčRecycled Water Application Form (PDF,260kB) and lodging it with Wide Bay Water's Reuse Department.

The request will then be assessed as to whether recycled water is available for the applicant's location.

If recycled water is available, the Water Reuse Manager will send a confirmation letter to the applicant inviting them to commence negotiation for the development of a Recycled Water Agreement with Wide Bay Water.

Once the Recycled Water Agreement and Recycled Water Use Management Plans have been signed by all parties, Wide Bay Water will organise Recycled Water Awareness Training for approved users.

If recycled water is no longer required, a Termination of Recycled Water Form (253kB) must be completed and lodged with Wide Bay Water's Reuse Department.

If recycled water is not available, the Water Reuse Manager will issue a letter to the applicant indicating the inability to provide recycled water. The application will be registered by location, and if recycled water becomes available in the future, Wide Bay Water will notify the applicant of the availability.

Completed forms can be sent to:

Water Reuse Department
Wide Bay Water
PO Box 1943
Hervey Bay Qld 4655