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Wide Bay Water Wide Bay Water

Wide Bay Water - Rainfall
15 October, 2018

Hervey Bay: 3.6mm Lake Lenthall: 2mm Maryborough: 3mm Teddington: 5.8mm

Wide Bay Water - Storages
15 October, 2018

Storages: Lake Lenthall 25.97m /99.3% Teddington 9.7m/ 138.5%

Wide Bay Water - Waste Water
15 October, 2018

Combined intake at treatment plants 30ML

Wide Bay Water - Consumption
15 October, 2018

Hervey Bay 15.8ML Maryborough 5.63ML

Wide Bay Water - Reuse
July 2018

Combined usage of recycled water 320 ML.

Wide Bay Water - Water Restrictions
August 2018

Currently Level 1 water restrictions

Wide Bay Water provides safe, reliable, efficient water and wastewater services to residents and businesses on the Fraser Coast.

The service area includes Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Tiaro, Torbanlea, Howard, River Heads and Burrum Heads.

Wide Bay Water also works with councils and water authorities across Australia delivering expertise in all areas of water management.

The region's water network includes Lake Lenthall, Cassava Dams, two weirs on the Burrum River and Teddington Weir on Tinana Creek and Mary River at Tiaro.

Water is purified at four treatment plants and wastewater is treated at eight treatment plants.

Wide Bay Water has an industry-leading wastewater reuse scheme for the irrigation of canefields, turf farms and its own hardwood plantations.