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Right to Information

Right to Information (RTI) Act

Under the Right to Information Act 2009, residents have a statutory right to access information held by government unless, on balance, release of the information would be contrary to the public interest.

The Right to Information Act 2009 replaces the Freedom of Information Act 1992.

Information Privacy Act

The Information Privacy Act 2009 provides safeguards for the handling of personal information held in public sector environment and provides a mechanism for people to access and amend their personal information.

The Information Privacy Act Chapter 3 replaces the Freedom of Information Act 1992.

How to make an application for access under RTI or IP

An application for access to documents under the RTI or IP Acts must:

  • be made on the approved form;
  • provide sufficient information concerning the document/s requested
  • payment of RTI fee of $48.00 must be paid at the time of application
  • returned to a Council Customer Service Centre or posted to PO Box 1943, Hervey Bay,  Qld, 4655
  • processing charges are $7.45 per 15 minutes or part of 15 minutes if Council spends more than 5 hours processing the application
  • access charge is $0.25 per black / white A4 page

Disclosure log

Council’s Disclosure Log shows information released under the Right to Information Act since 1 July 2009 that is considered of interest to the general public.  Certain information (for example personal information, commercial in confidence or information otherwise excluded by law from release), will not be included in the disclosure log.  

Where documents have been determined suitable to release, they are provided in Portable Document Format (PDF). To access released documents, which are large electronic files and have been notated as “Available on Request” in the table below, please contact Council’s Right to Information and Information Privacy unit on 1300 79 49 29 or by email to request copies.  

Please contact us if you have problems downloading any documents in this log. If a copy of the information in our disclosure log is required in an alternative format, please contact Council’s Right to Information Officer, and we will endeavour to provide it to you in a more suitable format.

Ref No. Date of decision No. of pages Topic / information requested
2017/18-002 14/7/17 10 Request notices issued on property in Milton Street Maryborough
2016/17-045 15/6/17 4 Request documents relating to dog surrender
2016/17-044 16/6/17 24 Request documents relating to roadworks Arborten Road Glenwood
(PDF available on request)
18/7/17 575 Request for various emails
2016/17-040 23/6/17 109 Request documents between HBCC and James Hardie relating to asbestos cement pipes
2016/17-022 24/3/17 135 Request for various emails
2016/17-019 8/2/17 13 Request documents from investigation
2016/17-018 1/2/17 1 Request for details re dog attack
2016/17-017 5/5/17 319 Request for various emails
2016/17-016 1/2/17 64 Request documents relating to dangerous dog declaration
2016/17-015 21/11/16 5 Request for emails relating to rating review for caravan parks and relocatable homes and briefing notes from meeting 24/10/16
2016/17-014 16/11/16 113 Request copies of all documents relating to a property in Prosper Street Howard
2016/17-012 17/10/16 15 Request documents relating to a dog attack at Golf Crescent Craignish
206/17-011 27/09/16 1 Request transcript or recording of Council minutes 15/6/16
2016/17-010 28/09/16 6 Request details of complaints for a property in Prosper Street Howard
2016/17-009 28/09/16 0 Request any maintenance records for works undertaken on footpath at 140 Adelaide Street Maryborough
2016/17-007 21/09/16 16 Request copies of all documents relating to a property in East Street Howard
2016/17-006 09/09/16 85 Request copy of an ex-employee’s personnel file
2016/17-005 19/08/2016 22 Request copies of correspondence submitted
2016/17-004 16/08/2016 2 Request copies of complaints submitted
2016/17-003 02/08/2016 2 Request copy of correspondence submitted
2016/17-002 11/08/2016 44 Documents relating to stormwater issues in Windemere Road, Wondunna
2016/17-001 17/08/2016 287     Documents relating to Notice of Intention to Resume
2015/16-027 28/6/2016 93 Documents relating to a property in East Street, Howard
2015/16-026 15/07/2016 231 Documents relating to Pioneer Park, Tinana
2015/16-025 27/6/2016 20 Request copies of complaints submitted
2015/16-024 10/6/2016 54 Documents relating to vegetation removal on Tooth Street Pialba
2015/16-023 24/5/2016 192 Documents relating to an investigation in Pacific Haven Drive, Howard
2015/16-022 19/4/2016 27 Documents relating to complaints at a property in Schuberts Road Owanyilla
2015/16-021 27/4/2016 4 Documents relating to an investigation of a property on the Esplanade Torquay
2015/16-020 15/5/2016 75 Documents relating to an investigation of a complaint at the Aquatic Centre
2015/16-019(PDF,900kB) 21/4/2016 2 Documents relating to complaints against Cr Chris Loft
2015/16/018(PDF,1.2MB) 14/4/2016 40 Documents detailing monthly figures timber production at a property on Kinghorn Road, Granville
2015/16-015 12/2/2016 21 Request copies of complaint documents
2015/16-014 4/2/2016 2 Request copies of complaint documents
2015/16-013 8/2/2016 105 Documents relating to a property in Arthur Street Urangan
2015/16-012 8/01/16 1 Documents relating to a dog
2015/16-011 (no attachment) 4/12/15 0 Details on gernie hire
1/12/15 20 Various emails between Cr Everard and Cr Loft
(PDF Available on request)
26/11/15 593 Documents not publicly available relating to the planning and decision-making process for the Hervey Bay Golf Club
2015/16-010 26/11/15 2 Documents relating to an investigation of a property in Tooley Street Maryborough
2015/16-009 19/11/15 6 Documents relating to an investigation of a property in Frank Street Maryborough
2015/16-005 19/10/15 8 Copy of complaint against self and copies of requests and complaints regarding a property in Stormy Rise River Heads
2015/16-004 29/09/15 10 Approval and Licence Conditions for the gate and two cattle grids on unformed road at Aramara
2015/16-003 01/09/15 0 Request documents for approval and construction of specific sheds at a property in Kinghorn Road Granville
2015/16-001 11/08/15 13 Documents relating to a property in River Road Tinana
2015/16-002 24/07/15 17 Complaints, Breaches and Development Applications for a property in Tooley Street, Maryborough
2014/15-016 (PDF,123kB) 25/11/14 13 Development Approval and Final Building Inspections - Shed at Boonooroo
2014/15-012 (PDF,4.6MB) 10/11/14 105 Conditions of Approval - Subdivision - Green Waters Estate Dundowran Beach
2014/15-009 (PDF, 6.2MB) 25/08/14 46 Decision to remove trees from front of Hervey Bay Cultural Centre
2014/15-004(PDF,124kB) 11/08/14 3 Request copy of email regarding Wide Bay Swimming meeting
10/01/14 153 Kingfisher Parade Toogoom Sea Wall
2013/14-014 (PDF,2.1MB) 10/01/14 43 Lease arrangements for Tiaro Medical Centre
2013/14-013 (PDF,10.6MB) 11/12/13 190 Lease arrangements for the Bauple Men's Shed and Bauple and District Recreation Ground Committee
2013/14-012 (PDF, 6.2MB) 11/12/13 95 Complaints about the RV site at Bauple


Publication Scheme

All agencies are required to publish a Publications Scheme that explains the information that the public can access.

This scheme sets out classes of information and the terms on which Council will make this information available.

Contact us

For further information, please contact Council's Right to Information Officer on 1300 79 49 29.

Last updated 02/08/2017