Local Heritage Register Local Heritage Register

Council has adopted a Local Heritage Register (PDF, 1.7MB) in accordance with the requirements and processes stipulated in the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 on 6 April 2011.

The Local Heritage Register is progressively updated to add, remove and amend details for places of significance.

The register currently has a total of 152 places of significance and reflects aspects of local and regional cultural history.

It includes a variety of structures, archaeological and industrial sites, monuments and iconic buildings.

Proposed amendment

The Fraser Coast Regional Council values its local cultural heritage and the economic, social and environmental contributions that it makes to our local government area. In recognition of its legislative obligation to compile a list of places of cultural heritage significance, Council adopted a Local Heritage Register in accordance with the requirements and processes stipulated in the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 in 2011.  Council undertook a review of the current entries in 2012 in order to provide for consistency with places listed on the State Heritage Register.  

Council has received a nomination for the removal of 38A Bluebell Road East, Tinana (Lot 2 RP 880020) from Place #147 - South Sea Islander Hospital and Cemetery.  The nomination has been formulated in accordance provisions identified under the Act and also Council’s Policy Guidelines - Nomination for, Inclusion in, Removal From, or Alteration of the Fraser Coast Local Heritage Register.  

Notice is given under Part 11 of the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 that the Fraser Coast Regional Council proposes to amend the Local Heritage Register.  The reason for the proposed removal of the place is that it has been assessed as not meeting criteria A & C of the listing:

A    The place is important in demonstrating the evolution or pattern of the region’s history.
C.   The place has potential to yield information that will contribute to an understanding of the region’s history.

To view a copy of the proposed amended place card please click here 


Written submissions can be made to Council by any person or entity about the proposed entry of the places into the Local Heritage Register.  

Submissions must have regard to the following:

  • The submission must be given to Council on or before 4.45pm on Friday 20 January 2017;
  • A submission must be made on the basis that the place is or is not a place of cultural heritage significance for the Fraser Coast Regional Council local government area and explaining the justification with reference to Criteria A to C above and, where relevant, specific aspects of the relevant place card;
  • Submissions are to be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Fraser Coast Regional Council, PO Box 1943, Hervey Bay Qld 4655. 
  • Any person making a submission will be notified of Council’s decision in relation to the Local Heritage Register and their submission.

To view the inventory of places currently identified on the register, the place cards that detail each place’s heritage significance, along with a number of fact sheets that provide answers to frequently asked questions, please see below.  

If you would like further information about the proposed entries and Council’s Local Heritage Register, please contact Council’s Duty Planner on 1300 79 49 29.


Local Heritage Register placecards Local Heritage Register placecards

Local Heritage Register placecards

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Name Size
Place ID 001 - Howard War Memorial.pdf 201.0k
Place ID 002 - Popp's Pond Group of Fig Trees.pdf 272.4k
Place ID 003 - Woody Island Lighthouses-Ancillary Building Site.pdf 253.4k
Place ID 004 - Urangan Point State School-Block D.pdf 282.2k
Place ID 005 - Brooklyn House.pdf 298.8k
Place ID 006 - Pialba Railway Station.pdf 244.1k
Place ID 007 - Sandy Cape Lightstation.pdf 116.8k
Place ID 008 - Dundowran Recreational Hall.pdf 189.7k
Place ID 009 - Federal Theatre.pdf 209.2k
Place ID 010 - Howard Court House.pdf 304.0k
Place ID 011 - St Matthews Church of England Church-Hall.pdf 214.4k
Place ID 012 - Howard Cemetery-Rankin Graves.pdf 240.4k
Place ID 013 - Historic Landfill Site.pdf 384.6k
Place ID 014 - Nikenbah School-Shelter Shed.pdf 276.6k
Place ID 015 - Nikenbah Goods Shed.pdf 190.5k
Place ID 016 - Nikenbah Rifle Range.pdf 363.4k
Place ID 017 - Aalborg Danish Cemetery.pdf 281.6k
Place ID 018 - Pialba Memorial Hall.pdf 262.8k
Place ID 019 - Milestone.pdf 228.1k
Place ID 020 - Pialba War Memorial.pdf 254.9k
Place ID 021 - Takura School.pdf 224.8k
Place ID 022 - Urangan Pier.pdf 183.2k
Place ID 024 - South Sea Islander Graves.pdf 107.7k
Place ID 025 - Dundathu Cemetery.pdf 290.6k
Place ID 026 - Martha Whites Bush Graves.pdf 775.1k
Place ID 027 - Fred Monsour Building.pdf 256.8k
Place ID 028 - JM Monsour Building.pdf 310.5k
Place ID 029 - Former Commonwealth Bank.pdf 281.2k
Place ID 030 - Stuparts extension.pdf 301.2k
Place ID 031 - St Marys Roman Catholic Church.pdf 309.2k
Place ID 032 - Maryborough Post Office.pdf 336.9k
Place ID 033 - Post Office Hotel.pdf 321.0k
Place ID 034 - Royal Bank former.pdf 282.6k
Place ID 035 - Gatakers Warehouse-incl Browns Store.pdf 320.2k
Place ID 036 - Woodstock House.pdf 311.7k
Place ID 037 - Former Office Sport-Recreation.pdf 307.9k
Place ID 038 - Stuparts Emporium.pdf 302.1k
Place ID 039 - School of Arts.pdf 298.4k
Place ID 040 - Engineers Arms Hotel former.pdf 256.8k
Place ID 041 - Former Two Storey Chemist Shop.pdf 260.1k
Place ID 042 - Hotel Francis former.pdf 307.7k
Place ID 043 - Royal Hotel.pdf 304.9k
Place ID 044 - Maryborough City Hall.pdf 286.7k
Place ID 045 - St Pauls Anglican Church-Hall.pdf 302.5k
Place ID 046 - Maryborough Railway Station Complex-Air Raid Shelter.pdf 296.2k
Place ID 047 - Queens Park.pdf 345.1k
Place ID 048 - Maryborough Court House.pdf 331.4k
Place ID 049 - Maryborough Government Office Building.pdf 304.9k
Place ID 050 - Customs House-Residence.pdf 301.5k
Place ID 051 - Government Bond Store former.pdf 301.3k
Place ID 052 - Maryborough Heritage Centre.pdf 335.8k
Place ID 053 - Former Custom House Hotel.pdf 311.8k
Place ID 054 - Criterion Hotel.pdf 329.6k
Place ID 055 - Maryborough Waterside Workers Hall.pdf 295.1k
Place ID 056 - Ilfracombe.pdf 191.6k
Place ID 057 - Oonooraba.pdf 292.4k
Place ID 058 - Eskdale.pdf 282.6k
Place ID 059 - Baddow House.pdf 237.8k
Place ID 060 - Maryborough Base Hospital.pdf 297.5k
Place ID 061 - Original Maryborough Town Site.pdf 406.3k
Place ID 062 - Second World War RAAF Buildings.pdf 250.6k
Place ID 063 - Shop.pdf 292.2k
Place ID 064 - The Gas Company.pdf 282.3k
Place ID 065 - Mortuary Chapel-Cemetery.pdf 280.9k
Place ID 066 - Lamington Bridge.pdf 305.9k
Place ID 067 - Uniting Church.pdf 271.4k
Place ID 069 - Former Walkers Shipbuilding Premises.pdf 268.6k
Place ID 070 - Central State School.pdf 361.0k
Place ID 071 - Former Boys Grammar School.pdf 357.7k
Place ID 072 - Former Girls Grammar School.pdf 370.6k
Place ID 073 - Brennan & Geraghty's Store & two adjacent buildings and stables.pdf 325.1k
Place ID 074 - Carinya.pdf 275.2k
Place ID 075 - Hynes Timber Mill.pdf 273.9k
Place ID 076 - Finemores Building.pdf 328.2k
Place ID 077 - St Marys Convent-School.pdf 305.9k
Place ID 078 - Station Hotel.pdf 241.7k
Place ID 079 - Tiaro Memorial Hall.pdf 198.8k
Place ID 080 - Larsens Shop.pdf 225.7k
Place ID 081 - Tiaro Information Centre.pdf 167.6k
Place ID 082 - Miva Cemetery.pdf 348.5k
Place ID 083 - Munna Creek Hall-Grounds.pdf 244.3k
Place ID 084 - Former St Marys Forest Station.pdf 289.3k
Place ID 085 - Tuan West Fire Tower No 6.pdf 236.5k
Place ID 086 - Teddington Scrub-Weir.pdf 241.5k
Place ID 087 - Brooweena Sawmill.pdf 268.1k
Place ID 088 - Teebar Hall-Grounds.pdf 225.8k
Place ID 089 - Commissioner Bidwills Grave.pdf 242.5k
Place ID 090 - Mount Joseph Three Rail Fence.pdf 227.0k
Place ID 091 - Woocoo Historical Society.pdf 307.5k
Place ID 092 - Yengarie Hall.pdf 238.3k
Place ID 093 - St Marys Church-Cemetery.pdf 228.3k
Place ID 094 - Our Lady of the Way Catholic Church.pdf 211.7k
Place ID 095 - Allan Slab Hut.pdf 184.6k
Place ID 096 - Brooweena War Memorial.pdf 227.8k
Place ID 097 - Central Sugar Mill Ruins.pdf 223.7k
Place ID 098 - War Memorial Bridge.pdf 288.1k
Place ID 099 - Yengarie Sugar Refinery Ruins.pdf 192.2k
Place ID 100 - Booral Homestead Complex.pdf 273.7k
Place ID 101 - Burgowan No 7 Mine Complex.pdf 258.0k
Place ID 102 - Doolong Flats Juice Mill.pdf 300.7k
Place ID 103 - Pettigrew Sim Sawmill Village.pdf 137.1k
Place ID 104 - Gallagher Bagnell Grave Site.pdf 482.8k
Place ID 105 - Burrell Cordial Factory-Residence.pdf 271.6k
Place ID 106 - Van Cootens Drapery.pdf 191.0k
Place ID 107 - Seafront Oval.pdf 202.7k
Place ID 108 - Pialba Rail Bridge.pdf 273.4k
Place ID 109 - Polson Cemetery.pdf 312.0k
Place ID 111 - Dayman General Store.pdf 197.2k
Place ID 112 - Urangan Railway Remnants.pdf 258.0k
Place ID 113 - Bogimbah Reserve and Mission.pdf 82.8k
Place ID 114 - Historical Sites-North Cliffs Fraser Island.pdf 105.6k
Place ID 115 - Christ Church.pdf 229.1k
Place ID 116 - Maryborough QCWA Building.pdf 315.3k
Place ID 117 - Watsons House.pdf 246.1k
Place ID 118 - Graham and Co Offices.pdf 260.2k
Place ID 119 - Elizabeth Park Rose Gardens.pdf 212.7k
Place ID 120 - Kings Cafe.pdf 236.3k
Place ID 121 - Stellmachs.pdf 285.2k
Place ID 122 - Bells Vue Private Hotel.pdf 263.9k
Place ID 123 - Stuparts.pdf 183.2k
Place ID 124 - Maryborough Powerhouse.pdf 221.9k
Place ID 125 - Helshams Buildings.pdf 283.4k
Place ID 126 - Finney-Isles-Co Building.pdf 294.3k
Place ID 127 - Riverside Apartments.pdf 274.2k
Place ID 128 - Embassy Theatre.PDF 201.9k
Place ID 129 - Carlton Hotel.pdf 213.4k
Place ID 130 - Parkview.pdf 263.0k
Place ID 131 - St Thomas Church of England.pdf 201.2k
Place ID 132 - Pricketts Cottage.pdf 254.8k
Place ID 133 - Albert School.pdf 258.9k
Place ID 135 - Maryborough Wharf Branch.pdf 304.8k
Place ID 136 - Maryborough Fire Station.pdf 205.4k
Place ID 137 - Wharf Timbers-Crane Base.pdf 335.0k
Place ID 138 - Maryborough Water Treatment Plant.pdf 250.5k
Place ID 140 - Bauple Sugar Mill.pdf 274.6k
Place ID 141 - Native Police Camp-Barracks.pdf 229.2k
Place ID 143 - Tiaro Cemetery.pdf 248.0k
Place ID 144 - Former Post Office-Residence.pdf 273.6k
Place ID 145 - North Aramara Hall.pdf 195.7k
Place ID 146 - George Furbers Site.pdf 272.4k
Place ID 147 - South Sea Islander Hospital-Cemetery.pdf 302.0k
Place ID 148 - Colonsay Farm.pdf 162.7k
Place ID 149 - Dunn's Enclosure and Fish Trap (Formerly known as the Point Vernon Rock Baths).PDF 177.3k
Place ID 150 - Bidwills Bridge.PDF 293.6k
Place ID 151 - Old Booubyjan Road.PDF 262.0k
Place ID 152 - Aramara North School and War Memorial.PDF 237.4k
Place ID 153 - Dominion Flour Mill.PDF 3,011.7k
Place ID 154 - Original Maryborough Town Site Extension.pdf 2,745.1k
Place ID 155 - Glengarloom Crossing Tiaro.pdf 2,902.2k
PlaceID 156 Dundathu Training Wall.pdf 8,233.5k
Place ID 157 Dayman Point Steps.pdf 706.7k
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