Administrative Action Complaints

What is an administrative action complaint?

An administrative action complaint is a complaint that is about an administrative action of a local government made by an affected person.

To be an affected person you must be directly affected by the action of Council. Examples of administrative actions include:

  • Complaints regarding how a previous request has been handled by FCRC.
  • Requests to review a decision or action made by FCRC.
  • Complaints about the way a response has been provided by FCRC.
  • Complaints about a decision of Council or a Committee of Council.
  • Complaints about a failure to complete a request for service or provide a decision in the designated timeframes.
  • An administrative action complaint is not a request for information or service request (see below)


What is a service request?

Any initial concerns you have, or a request for service, should be managed in the first instance by lodging a service request. 

When a service request is not addressed within the adequate time frame, or has been inadequately addressed, the affected person can ask that the matter be escalated to an administrative action complaint.

  • Service request / reporting an issue

    Matters such as below are not administrative complaints:

    • Animal management concerns (i.e. barking dogs)
    • Vegetation control
    • Pot holes in the road
    • Collection of waste / missed services
    • Water issues

    CALL 1300 79 49 29

  • There are a number of ways you can lodge a complaint:

    • In-person at Council's administration centres or by calling 1300 79 49 29.
    • By filling in the official complaints form here online (below):
      or completing Administrative Action Complaints form and submit via email.
    • In writing, by letter, fax or email addressed to the Chief Executive Officer:

      PO Box 1943 Hervey Bay Qld 4655
      Fax: (07) 4197 4455
    • The nature of the complaint in as much detail as possible including how you have been affected, who was involved, and when and where it happened.
    • Any Council reference or documentation numbers that support your initial complaint or request.
    • Any supporting information and documentation, including names and contact details of anyone else who is able to support the complaint.
    • If the incident has been reported to any other agency or authority.
    • The outcome you are seeking.
    • Your contact details.

    Note: Council does accept and investigate anonymous complaints, however, if insufficient information is provided Council may refuse to investigate.

  • If you lodge a complaint on behalf of an affected person, we will respond directly to that person affected, not to you as the person acting. If you provide a letter of authority confirming that you are acting on behalf of the affected person, we will respond to you instead.

  • If our complaint form is not in your language, please call the National Translating and Interpreting Service (NTIS) on 131 450. Advise the NTIS of your preferred language and ask to speak with the Fraser Coast Regional Council Customer Service on 1300 79 49 29.

    If you need assistance because of a hearing or speech impairment please contact the National Relay Service on 133 677. If you can speak and hear but sometimes people have trouble understanding you, the number to call at the Relay Service is 1300 555 727.

  • We aim to resolve complaints at the first point of contact. Where this is not possible the time to resolve or respond to your complaint will depend on how complex the matter is.

    Council will acknowledge receipt of a complaint within 10 business days. Council endeavours to meet the following timeframes for dealing with a complaint:

    • for urgent matters – within (15) business days;
    • for non-urgent complaints that are not complex or where the complaint involves an internal review (30-45) business days;
    • for complex complaints including those investigated under the internal review (45-60) business days.
  • If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint to this council, you have the right to take your complaint to an external agency, such as the Queensland Ombudsman.

    The Queensland Ombudsman investigates complaints about the actions and decisions of state government departments and agencies, local councils and public universities. Their complaints assessment and investigation service is free and independent.

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