Fees and charges

While access to information is a free service to all members, certain value-added services do have associated fees and charges as per this list.

The schedule of fees and charges is set by Council resolution. 

Book salesprices set locally
Replacement member card$4.50
Computer discs (Hervey Bay & Tiaro only)$3.00
Library bags$4.20
USB memory stick$18.00
Internet services: 
Library members$2.20 / hour
Non-library members$6.00 / hour
Wireless access$2 / hour
Black / white25c / sheet
Colour$1.60 / sheet
Large graphics$3.85 / sheet
Microfilm / Microfiche: 
Printing black / white50c / page
Historical microfilm copy (Maryborough only)95c
Children's activities$2.70 / activity
Visitor membership: 
Queensland visitorsfree
Visitors from outside Queensland$25.50 (non-refundable)
Inter-library loansA fee may be incurred
PhotocopyingLocal branch charge
Meeting rooms: 
Seminar room (Maryborough only)$15.80/ hour, $108.15 / day, $39.75 / hour (after hours)
Overdue fines: 
Community material 20c per item / day 
Lost / damaged resources replacement cost and $8.50 administration fee 
Toy library membership: 
Special needs$29.70 / year
Playgroups / hospital / homecare$164.50 / year
General membership$79.50 / year
Lost or damaged itemsreplacement cost