Mayor and Councillors Mayor and Councillors

Council is made up of the Mayor and ten Councillors who are elected by the community every four years to represent the views of residents within the region.

Under the Local Government Act 2009, it is the role of Councillors to determine strategic objectives and adopt a policies framework in order to lead Council into the future.

Our elected representatives are decisive, display strong leadership, promote the positive attributes and opportunities of the Fraser Coast, foster positive relationships and form cohesive partnerships with all tiers of government to benefit the community.

Mayor and Councillors 


Cr Chris Loft - Mayor

Mobile phone: 0418 227 142


Cr James Hansen - Division 1

Mobile phone: 0448 074 310


Cr Anne Maddern - Division 2

Mobile phone: 0429 579 979


Cr Paul Truscott - Division 3

Mobile phone: 0429 599 709


Cr Daniel Sanderson - Division 4

Mobile phone: 0448 073 355


Cr Rolf Light - Division 5

Mobile phone: 0448 038 891


Cr David Lewis - Division 6

Mobile phone: 0429 860 190


Cr Darren Everard - Division 7

Mobile phone: 0448 045 041


Cr Denis Chapman - Division 8

Mobile phone: 0429 492 500


Cr Stuart Taylor - Division 9

Mobile phone: 0421 602 480


Cr George Seymour - Division 10

Mobile phone: 0448 183 372


Committees and Reference Groups

Councillors are appointed to represent Council on a number of committees and reference groups.

Click here (PDF,80kB) to view the current schedule of appointments.

Complaints and investigations

To view details of Councillor complaints and their outcomes, a register is available from Council's Administration Centres.

Last updated 23/05/2016

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