Mayor and Councillors Mayor and Councillors

Council is made up of the Mayor and ten Councillors who are elected by the community every four years to represent the views of residents within the region.

The next local government election will be held on Saturday, March 19, 2016.

Under the Local Government Act 2009, it is the role of Councillors to determine strategic objectives and adopt a policies framework in order to lead Council into the future.

Our elected representatives are decisive, display strong leadership, promote the positive attributes and opportunities of the Fraser Coast, foster positive relationships and form cohesive partnerships with all tiers of government to benefit the community.

Councillor Budget Highlights

To view Councillor Portfolio and Divisional highlights click on  their individual pages.

Your elected representatives are:

Mayor Gerard O'Connell

Cr Gerard O'Connell - Mayor
Portfolio: Economic development

Mobile phone: 0438 231 868

Cr James Hansen

Cr James Hansen - Division 1
Portfolio: Primary Production & Rural Infrastructure

Mobile phone: 0448 074 310

 Cr Phil Truscott

Cr Phil Truscott - Division 2
Portfolio: Cultural & Performing Arts

Mobile phone: 0448 051 462

 Cr Chris Loft

Cr Chris Loft - Division 3
Portfolio: Small Business, Manufacturing & Service Industry

Mobile phone: 0418 227 142

 Cr Daniel Sanderson

Cr Daniel Sanderson - Division 4
Portfolio: City & Town Centre Development

Mobile phone: 0448 073 355

 Cr Rolf Light

Cr Rolf Light - Division 5
Portfolio: Community Resilience

Mobile phone: 0448 038 891

 Cr Trevor McDonald

Cr Trevor McDonald - Division 6
Portfolio: Infrastructure & Planning

Mobile phone: 0448 075 332

 Cr Darren Everard

Cr Darren Everard - Division 7
Portfolio: Events, Sport, Recreation & Open Spaces 

Mobile phone: 0448 045 041

 Cr Robert Garland

Cr Robert Garland - Division 8 (Deputy Mayor) 
Portfolio: Community Health, Education & Training

Mobile phone: 0448 038 831

 Cr Stuart Taylor

Cr Stuart Taylor - Division 9
Portfolio: Tourism, Marketing & Communication

Mobile phone: 0421 602 480

 Cr George Seymour

Cr George Seymour - Division 10
Portfolio: Community, Heritage & Family Services

Mobile phone: 0448 183 372

Complaints and investigations

To view details of Councillor complaints and their outcomes, a register is available from Council's Administration Centres.

Councillors Discretionary Fund

In accordance with Section 202 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, Council at its Special Meeting held on 17 June 2015, adopted a Councillor Discretionary Funds Policy (PDF,153kB) which sets out the purpose and scope for expending Discretionary Funds (PDF,42kB).

The Policy allocated $100,000 per Divisional Councillor which totals an expenditure of $1.1 million for the 2015/16 year.

The Councillor Discretionary Funds Policy does not allow for the application of funding for community organisations.

Expenses reimbursement and provision of facilities

The Expenses Reimbursement and Provision of Facilities for Mayor and Councillors Policy (204kB) authorises the payment of reasonable expenses incurred by Councillors and outlines resources available to assist Councillors in their duties and responsibilities.  These include:

Expenses -  vehicle usage, conference registrations, accommodation, meals, travel expenses and telecommunications; and
Resources - administrative support staff, computer/iPad3, printer, modem and smart phone.

This Policy applies to the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors and is made in accordance with Section 249 of the Local Government Regulation 2012.


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