100,000 trees

The Fraser Coast Regional Council is committed to building better communities by maintaining our unique natural environment and lifestyle.

At its Ordinary Meeting 1/19 on 23 January 2019, Council passed a motion to plant 100,000 trees by 2030. 

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and provide oxygen, improve air quality, conserve water, preserve soil and support wildlife.

Planting 100,000 trees will provide environmental benefits and make our region a more attractive place to reside and visit.

A running tally of trees planted will be updated below on a monthly basis. 

Planting sites included are: 

  • works generated through environment offset provisions;
  • offset requirements as a result tree removals in accordance with Council’s Tree Management Policy ; and,
  • trees planted through the course of normal Council operations such as capital work projects, natural area restoration sites, tree planting programs and volunteer tree planting days.

Planted trees tally

Trees planted to June 2024.

Fraser Coast Regional Council has planted 30,000 x corymbia citriodora variegata (spotted gum) which has significantly increased the number of trees planted under this initiative.

100,000 Trees