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The main purpose of the Food Act 2006 is to ensure food for sale is safe and suitable for human consumption.

The Food Act 2006 requires Council to provide licences to food businesses and monitor the standard of operations in fixed, temporary or mobile food premises.

Food licences

The applicant for a food business licence must be a legal entity (eg person(s) or company).

Prior to submitting your application (PDF,142kB), you should ensure the site has the relevant development approval to prevent the application being delayed.

Once approved, the applicant will be required to keep a current licence and comply with the Food Safety Standards and any conditions of the licence.

Food businesses must have a nominated food safety supervisor and provide this information to Council. Complete and submit the Food safety -  Supervisor nomination form (PDF,140kB).

If you haven’t completed an accredited Food Safety Supervisor course, please find attached a list of Recognised Training Organisations(PDF,334kB) that can assist you with this training.

To view the timeframe for approvals please see Fact sheet - New food premises licensing process (PDF,188kB)

Every licensable food business operator must renew their food business licence by the due date.

Council must be notified in writing and their food business licence returned to Council if a food business operator decides to cease operating as a food business.

Construction and / or alteration of a food business

Food businesses are required to ensure that their food premises, fixtures, fittings, equipment and transport vehicles are designed and constructed to be cleaned and, where necessary, sanitised.

Businesses must ensure that the premises are provided with the necessary services of water, waste disposal, light, ventilation, cleaning and personal hygiene facilities, storage space and access to toilets.

If you are altering an existing food premises, Council approval must be obtained before any works are undertaken or completed and the requirements of the Foods Standards Code must be taken into account.

If you are designing and building a new food premises, you must do this in accordance with Standard 3.2.3 Food Premises and Equipment to ensure the business is compliant and receive approval from Council prior to undertaking any construction works.

A Food Business Fit Out Checklist (PDF) is provided to assist in the design and construction of a food business. Further information is also provided in the attached Specification for Food Establishments (PDF,208kB).

Plans must be approved by Council prior to any works being undertaken.   An application (PDF,123kB)to construct or refit premises, must be submitted along with plans and the applicable fee.

For further information please see guide to applying to construct or refit a food premises (PDF).

Mobile or roadside vending

Mobile food vehicles are treated the same as a fixed food premises under the Food Act 2006 (the Act) and must also comply with any relevant requirements of Standard 3.2.3 Food Premises and Equipment.

Refer to the Food Business section above for more information and the relevant Food Business Licence application form.

Not all food business activities are licensable under the Act and depending on the nature of the food being sold and/or the vehicle proposed to be used, some requirements of Standard 3.2.3 Food Premises and Equipment may not be applicable.

An application (PDF,120kB) must be submitted to Council along with the appropriate fee prior to undertaking any activity that requires a commercial use of Council controlled areas and roads approval.

Short-term / annual food stalls

A short term food premises is defined as a premises OTHER THAN a fixed food premises or a mobile premises and an approved market or short-term food stall operator may ONLY operate within the Fraser Coast Region.
All food stalls must be:

  •  constructed in compliance with Council requirements;
  •  approved, with or without conditions; and
  •  operated in accordance with the Food Safety Standards.

Short-term food stall approvals are issued to an operator that is attending a ‘one-off’ single event only; for e.g. the Tech Challenge or Seafood Festival; or a one-off food stall at an approved market.

Annual food stall approvals are an annual licence issued to an operator who wishes to operate at a number of markets or events throughout the approval period. The fit-out facilities and construction must remain the same for all events attended.

An approval (PDF) must be obtained from Council to operate a short-term / annual food stall at a market or event.

Gas appliances

There are serious health and safety concerns on the use of gas devices not designed for indoor use in enclosed places, including short-term / annual food food stalls.

Please consult your licensed gas fitter or the Dept. of Natural Resources and Mines, Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate or Phone: 3330 4241 for more information.

An LPG Safety Checklist for Outdoor events can be found on the Queensland Government Publications website. 

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