Council Meetings

Ordinary meetings

Council’s Ordinary Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of every month from 10am.

Special meetings

A special meeting can be called by Council if there is urgent business which cannot be delayed until the next available Ordinary meeting.

Special meetings may only deal with the business for which the meeting was called, and must be publicly advertised.

Informal Meetings

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Public participation in meetings

To allow members of the public an opportunity to address Council on matters of concern, Public Participation is available between 9am and 9.30am before the Ordinary Council meeting.
Participants must register for Public Participation no later than 12:00pm the day prior to the Ordinary Council meeting.
To register as a Public Participant, you can:

The number of Public Participants is restricted to 6 people with any further requests requiring further approval prior to the meeting or an opportunity to speak at a future Council Meeting will be offered.
Each public participant must ensure that they adhere to the Public Participation Guidelines when addressing Council.
For questions about the process of Public Participation, contact Customer Service on 1300 79 49 29

Live streaming

Council's Ordinary Meetings are live-streamed and can be viewed on Fraser Coast Regional Council's YouTube.

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Meeting schedule 

Date Meeting Location
16 December 2020 Ordinary meeting No. 12/20 Maryborough, City Hall
27 January 2021 Ordinary meeting No. 1/21 Hervey Bay, Chambers
24 February 2021 Ordinary meeting No. 2/21 Maryborough, City Hall
24 March 2021 - 6PM Night Meeting
Public Participation 5pm
Ordinary meeting No. 3/21 Hervey Bay, Chambers
28 April 2021 Ordinary meeting No 4/21 Maryborough, CIty Hall
26 May 2021 Ordinary meeting No. 5/21 Boonooroo Community Hall
23 June 2021 Ordinary meeting No. 6/21 Maryborough, City Hall
28 July 2021 Ordinary meeting No. 7/21 Hervey Bay, Chambers
25 August 2021 Ordinary meeting No. 8/21 Maryborough, City Hall
22 September 2021 Ordinary meeting No. 9/21 Aramara Hall
27 October 2021 Ordinary meeting No. 10/21 Hervey Bay, Chambers
24 November 2021 Ordinary meeting No. 11/21 Maryborough, City Hall
15 December 2021

Ordinary meeting No. 12/21

Hervey Bay, Chambers

2021 Ordinary Meetings Agendas and Minutes

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2020 Ordinary Meetings Agendas and Minutes

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2021 Special Meetings

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2020 Special Meetings

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