Local Spend

Council's spend within the region

Council is committed to proactively supporting and enabling local benefits through considering the dimension of
Buy Local, Hire Local and Grow Local.

Council maintains a Procurement Council Policy that contains a Local Benefits measure, which includes mandatory weighting for ‘Local Benefit’ for all purchases over $200,000, and a price advantage for purchasing below $200,000.

For all public tenders over $200,000, the evaluation will include a consideration of what local benefits will be delivered across the following three dimensions. The local benefit evaluation will form part of the non-price scoring at a minimum of 10% of the non-price total.

Spend blue rd


Ensuring that our contracted services utilise local manufactured or sourced goods or services in their supply chain.

Hire Local


Ensuring that our contracted services utilise local employment, local sub-contracting and local businesses.


Grow red blue


Ensuring that our contracted services deliver initiatives for local growth and economic development that may include skills transfer, new jobs and technology.


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