Wildlife Talks

In partnership with the Fraser Coast Branch of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, we present a monthly (excluding December and January) wildlife talk at Hervey Bay and Maryborough libraries.
Bookings are essential.

May Wildlife Talk

Fraser Coast Birdwatching

Presented by: Ruby Rosenfield, Member of the Maryborough and Hervey Bay Birdwatchers and Coordinator of the Maryborough Birdwatchers.


Among all the community groups on the Fraser Coast there is one that has endured over time due to its life-affirming qualities - fresh air, exercise and discovery - bird watching!
With over 280 bird species sighted on the Fraser Coast each excursion yields different sightings! Ruby has thoroughly enjoyed taking her own nature photos for some time and is looking forward to introducing the experience with some of her photos.

June Wildlife Talk

Wildlife Resources and Preserving Diversity

Presented by: Rob Loveday.  Rob is a former teacher and soon-to-be presenter of Environmental Science classes for the University of the Third Age, Hervey Bay.

June 2024 wildlife talk

Join Rob Loveday as he discusses how and why wildlife species are threatened and what can be done to avoid a possible sixth mass extinction.